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10-03-2011, 21:18
Just wanted to post info about the shuttle I used to Journey's End on Sept 7th. I used Everywhere Taxi of Vermont. Rate was $85 to Journey's End from Burlington. The drive took about 1hr and 45 minutes. The owner Louis LaRose drove me further than I expected given the condition of the road after Tropical Storm Irene 11 days earlier. I was very pleased with the service.

03-07-2012, 22:59
I was just quoted $150 from Everywhere Taxi for shuttle from Burlington airport to Journey's End in June. Any other ideas?

03-07-2012, 23:51
there must be a way to get a cheaper trip. I used to live in Btown but if I was going to Rutland or wherever regular I'd offer a ride. Vermont is a great state in many ways and who knows maybe I will move back were a job to present itself.

03-08-2012, 00:16
I was just quoted $150 from Everywhere Taxi for shuttle from Burlington airport to Journey's End in June. Any other ideas?

Did you contact Steve the trail angel listed in the back of the guide?

03-08-2012, 08:54
I guess I need to burst a bubble here. Burlington is 71 miles from North Troy Vt. If you want a shuttle at specific time, it highly likely that the shuttler is making a special trip so he needs to drive twice the distance. The current IRS rate is 55 cents per mile to cover the cost to run a car, so thats $78 dollars just to run the car. The roads are rural and I expect there is some wait time at either end so optimistically figure 4 hours of drive time round trip. Figure a minumum of $15 per hour for $60, thats $138. So unless the shuttler wants to work for free, $150 for one person is not unreasonable. Of course if two hikers have the same schedule the price drops significantly.

There are folks who may be making the trip on occasion anyhow but rarely will their schedule match a hikers. It happens to me frequently, I drive a similiar distacne from a rural area near the AT to a transporation hub but rarely does my schedule match a thru hikers. In that case, I do on occasion pick up hitchhikers who look like thru hikers but it doesnt happen that often.

03-08-2012, 13:57
If I remember correctly, it was 76-ish miles from arrival lane at BTV to Journey's End parking lot. $150 for the trip when I was shuttling. It's great for a group, but expensive for a single hiker.

Really enjoyed shuttling, but my work schedule has put the K-bosh on it. Angewrite didn't shuttle last year, but may be around this year so you could check with her. Hope somebody steps up this year.