View Full Version : Hiking ideas for Nov 25-Nov27?

Caveman of Ohio
10-04-2011, 14:15
Wanting to hike a section of the Long trail over the Thanksgiving weekend. I will be in the area on Friday morning and need to return to Ohio on Monday. I want to be able to include Mt mansfield in this hike. The map and guidebook are in the mail but would like to hear some options from other hikers. Where is a good section to get on and off the trail?

10-04-2011, 15:22
Could be tough that time of year that far north, and with that elevation. I wouldn't doubt there being plenty of snow up on Mansfield. Is this something you have considered?

10-04-2011, 16:12
Cold and dark. Snow is almost a certainty.....there have been a few years with no snow at the stake on Mansfield, but it's not common.

Also be aware that is the last weekend of deer rifle season. Bring blaze orange.

Smooth & Wasabi
10-04-2011, 17:47
Undoubtedly cold, with snow/ice. Could still be fun. I'd have snowshoes and traction aides available as well as full winter gear. An out and back scenario looping side trails from underhill would traverse mansfield and the LT If you want to camp high I believe the lodges on Mansfield are open (Taft and Butler) cold but fully enclosed. I think you can also book a night in the stone hut with wood heat( I have never done this so you would have to look into it). You can camp at Underhill state park with lean to's and fire rings, it is closed but you are allowed to camp, then do day hikes on Mansfield. If you choose to Hike through as opposed to concentrating on Mansfield(which sees much more winter use) remember route finding can be difficult with significant snow. Where to get on and off depends on how much time you have, smugglers notch road will be closed so you will have to do a long section or use side trails. Don't forget it will be close to the darkest time of year so your daylight is very limited.

Caveman of Ohio
10-05-2011, 01:10
I have snowshoes, crampons, and a ice axe. Plus I will have all my winter clothing by the end of this month. Just was looking for a adventure over the holiday weekend. I will look into the lodge and hut options.

10-05-2011, 19:27
That can be a tough time of year. There will be snow, but no compacted base. It's a perfect time to break a snowshoe over the rocks & roots. Crampons will be essential; that time of year there's often quite a bit of hard water ice in the steep spots with not much in the way of a stable snowpack over or around it.

Having said all that, it can also be a fun time to be out. I'd second the Butler/Taft traverse suggestion. Those places are drafty & don't hold heat the way a tent will, but you can't tent up high on the mountain at all. Mansfield sees more winter use than most of the LT system, and the trails tend to be broken out and reasonably easy to follow most of the time.

You can reserve the Stone Hut through the Stowe ski area, but it isn't cheap. Personally, I'd skip it.

One other thing -- that's hunting season. Be careful at the lower elevations, close to the roads. Wear blaze orange & make noise.