View Full Version : NO COOK SALMON LUNCH! - UL style fresh on the trail-Men food Washington Style.

Wise Old Owl
10-04-2011, 22:16
Retort Bumble Bee Wild Pink Salmon 5oz
5 packs of Hellmanns from Wendys or Chick-fil-a (don't use generic) it sucks.
1 micro bag of a mix of a tablespoon of the blend of Old bay a teaspoon of SEA SALT and a dash of CHILI powder.
1 Pita cut in two / wrapped in plastic.

Yea guess what its about 6-7 ounces and cannot be crushed - tape the mayo and micro bag of spice on the side...

At Lunch break

Toss stuff into the retort use a really dirty stick or contaminated knife and mix in the bag- give it a Yank stir..

Put 1/2 into Pita 1/2 and chow!

no gagging required - damn good - High in fats 16% and salt - but no where near a pork loin in sodium my guess is 10% sodium.

Ohh I hate this - awesome flavor - its good for yu!