View Full Version : Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 vs 50+10?

10-05-2011, 01:43
Hey guys!
Sorry to post again so soon over the last few days! I'm looking for a solid pack for a mix of apalachian trail walking and also the american discovery trail until then. Let me say that I've tried out the Osprey Xenon 85 for size and it's WAYYYYY too big for me. I'm looking at stores and I tried on the Deuter ACT LITE 60+10 and it seemed quite sufficient although I'm now seeing on their website that they have a 50+10 option.

Now I'm deciding between the two and I'm not sure what to go with.
I want to have something that would all-around be a good pick. Would the 60+10 add too much weight and room for hike of the appalachian trail? Let me say that I can stuff all of my junk into an 85 liter pack without touching a single one of the side pockets in the the xenon and I can fit everything in there but my sleeping pad because it's just too big (this stuff is all of my clothes, three days worth of food, a 2.5 liter water bladder and sleeping bag and so forth). I'm stuck on a decision here. :(

10-05-2011, 10:55
I used the D Act-Lite 60 for 2000 miles then went back to my Granite Gear VaporTrail... The Deuter carried too big and the extra pound seemed like carrying a rock. I am not a strong hiker but after finishing my 1,000 in Nov., I am looking at a GG Crown 60 out in the spring at 2 lb 2oz. Deuter a good bag, but for me lighter is better.

10-05-2011, 16:24
Good deal. Do you know if the vapor trail is still being made or is it discontinued? I couldn't find one at any stores.

10-05-2011, 18:06
http://www.granitegearstore.com/Meridian-Vapor-P10C7.aspx -My personal favorite. A little smaller than the Vapor Trail

http://www.amazon.com/Granite-Gear-Vapor-Trail-Backpack/dp/B000XUHHLW/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1317851928&sr=1-1 -It's a short torso, only one I could find online really quick. Might not fit you.

http://www.ula-equipment.com/ -Also look here... they make REALLY good packs. Specifically the Catalyst and Circuit for your size range. Both are lightweight, full featured backpacks that carry really well.

I have a Deuter ACT Lite 50+10 right now. It carries exceptionally well for me. Packs fit everyone differently. I'm about to get rid of mine just because I don't need that much room anymore. My advice is to try on the backpack with weight in it. Most gear shops have "dead weight" they will fill into a backpack so you can try it on with a full load. Doesn't look like any retailers for ULA are near you until Damascus, VA.

10-06-2011, 20:48
I have teh Act Zero 60+10. I can fit all of the things you did in your Osprey with room to spare. My 3 season bag is a bit bulkier and heavier than I would like and I still have room wit it in there. I now carry my sleeping pad on the outside along with my tent and poles.

In the summer when I use my Pounder bag I have a whole lot of extra room. While my 60+10 isnt the lightest, it was a lot lighter than other packs I tried.