View Full Version : New base layers, hot chilly's ... ?

10-09-2011, 20:16
Looking at buying some hot chilly's legs and tops for base layer's for my start of 2012 thru .... any word on how they do warmth wise and maybe any other suggestions ... Looking at either the pepper skins, or the bi-ply ... my current base layer's are for warmer three season ... looking at starting first of march .. give or take a week or so.

10-09-2011, 22:05
I've got the pepper skins and I've worn them from fall to spring and have loved them. Very comfortable and so far have been the right temperature for everything I've used them for.

10-11-2011, 01:30
wonder what the difference is between the peach and pepper ...

10-11-2011, 01:36
Looks like the peach has odor blocking and a 30 UPF .... think i'll roll with the peach.

10-11-2011, 06:29
I have the peppers and like them very light and compact. Not much talk on them here that I see. Plus 1 from me!!!