View Full Version : Sam's Gap to Erwin Nov. 7-9

10-11-2011, 14:01
I will be out doing a section hike Nov 7-9 maybe 10. I know it is only 24 miles but I am in no hurry and want to enjoy myself.
Does anyone know if the springs or creeks are flowing in that area? Is uncle Johnny's open all year? I plan to call them when it gets closer to Nov. to arrange a shuttle.

10-11-2011, 15:52
I hiked this section on Saturday. Water is low but flowing at Bald Mountain & No Business shelters. There was several small springs along the trail, mostly before Spivey Gap. These are very low but usable. The streams on both sides of the road at Spivey Gap are good.

10-12-2011, 21:23
Thanks, I am looking forward to my hike.