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10-11-2011, 15:28
you know, that crazy girl who SOBO'ed last year and did (most) of New England, AGAIN, this year? well, i am not really one to ask the question, since i am whoopie pie and i know exactly what has become of myself, but, in case any 2010 or 2011 hikers are interested, i have started an outdoorsy, soulful, humorous, maine-oriented sort of blog. no, i didn't blog on the trail, i feel like things are REALLY getting interesting in my post-trail life.

in my latest entry, there is kind of a detailed account of when i got off the trail this past summer. on a side note, i so enjoyed reading portrait's account of everyone seeking refuge during the hurricane and hearing what became of various people i knew, so i thought i would share likewise.

the blog is called maine: the way life turned out. here is the link, in case anyone is interested:

much love to all,
whoopie pie
me > ga 2010
ny/ct>home 2011

Papa D
10-11-2011, 20:41
Hey Whoopie Pie - I met you in Vermont - I was end to ending the LT in '10 and saw you in a rainstorm near Little Rock Pond - I was with the "Adventure Crew" . I happened to also be at Mountain Harbor Hostel with some of the Adventure Crew a couple of months ago. "Cruise" pointed to the wall of postcards and said "HEY! that's Whoopie Pie we met her, she made it, cool" (or something like that). Glad you are good!!