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10-14-2011, 14:13
Hey all -

Came back from Yosemite Tuesday to find my newest pack: a Dana Designs Arcflex Alpine. This is a model built in Montana before it was sold to K2/Marmot.

So far I like it, but have a few questions:

1)How do I turn the top lid into a day bag? Are there straps you're supposed to borrow from the pack? Or perhaps they were included (but weren't?)

2) Is there a guide to fitting the pack? I bent the aluminum stay to match the contour of the center of my back, but I feel the shoulder straps need further adjusting. They end right above the level of my nipples on my chest. Is this right? With my other packs the straps typically ended alongside my rib cage just below my chest level.


Feral Bill
10-14-2011, 15:40
On the Terraplane, the hip belt comes off and is used with the top lid to make a "hip lid". I suspect a good outdoor store can do the fitting for you for cheap if not free.

10-14-2011, 15:44
Think it'd be improper/impolite to go to REI and ask if they'd fit it? Don't know of too many outdoor stores here in the Berkeley/Oakland area :(

10-14-2011, 16:45
for the hip pack on most Dana Designs packs:
1: remove hip belt (there's a lot of velcro to undo and 4 or so buckles
2: remove lid (2 buckles)
3: place hip belt inside "slot" in lid and fit buckles. Then remove it and insert the correct way, so you can open the lid while its on.

For the shoulder pads and waist belt sizing: These are only adjustable to a certain degree, and may be sold for women or men (good luck if you've got a hip belt designed for the other sex). If the size is simply not right for you after adjusting, you'll need to try to find someone who's willing to trade. (Some thru-hikers used to order smaller waist belts as they headed north.) But for a quick-fittiing tip:
1:put hipbelt at lowest point in slot and do not include a ribs pack for the initial fitting
2:put weighted pack on (maybe 30 pounds or so)- and make sure you pulled IN on the internal load strap- it's inside the top and usually yellow
3: tighten hip belt centered on hip crests
4: tighten shoulder straps
5: pull in hipbelt trim straps
6: retighten shoulder straps (the trim straps can make a big difference!)
7: pull shoulder lift straps (not to much, but you'll feel this one too!)
8: buckle sternum strap

10-14-2011, 21:07
Thanks Bati.

Sounds like I won't be able to use the top lid as a shoulder bag :( That's my preferred carry method. Probably from so many years riding a bike with a messenger bag.

Wonder if someone would be able to judge if the pack is a proper fit via posted pictures :confused:

10-14-2011, 21:51
For most Dana packs you can tell they fit when:

:the back of the pack is close to you (very nice to have in bad winds)
: the hip pads are at least an inch past your hip bones and you can easily tighten the waist
:the buckle where the lift straps attach to the shoulder pad is at the top of your shoulder
: the shoulder pads curve appropriately without decapitating you or cutting off blood flow to your arms
: the shoulder pads attach to back panel 1-2 inches below where you neck ends and shoulders begin
: shoulder pads end 2 inches below your armpit
: it feels good when loaded (OK- not with TOO much weight) and doesn't throw you off balance when you move in it.
:The wind does not get between the pack and you and turtle you on the snow, but the mesh keeps you somewhat ventilated when its hot out.
:You don't get blisters from the pack, or end up having to take vitamin I for various pack-related aches and pains.
: You find it more comfortable to carry the pack than it is to carry a different pack with 10 less pounds in it (does not apply to total weights less than 25 pounds)

10-15-2011, 07:56
Think it'd be improper/impolite to go to REI and ask if they'd fit it?Nope. Not at all. And the worst they can do is say "no". Doing stuff like that makes sales in other areas though. If they treat you well, maybe you'll buy something else , either now or in the future.