View Full Version : Free digitized JMT topo maps

10-14-2011, 19:53
The postholer JMT Maps (http://postholer.com/mapbooks/preview.php?trail_id=4) have been completely recreated from the ground up (literally) with digitized base maps. These maps have all the latest land cover (2006), hydrology, NED, etc, data. Complete with data book appendix.

These maps have land cover data that is 5 years old instead of 50. The units of measure are in feet or miles, no mix of SI data. The style and colors are uniform from start to finish. This is the same process used to create the PCT Pocket Maps (http://postholer.com/mapbooks/).

These maps are of course free, for the community by the community. As always, a big thanks to Fishmonger for the trace!