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12-11-2002, 09:45
I have perfected Shelter Shield. It took a whole day of sewing, but it is completed. It is 2 10x12 tarps sewn together with a zipper down the middle. It turns a frigid Smokey Mountain shelter to a warm cabin (almost). I have tried 2 versions already. It is too heavy to tote on a thru-hike, but it is light enough for a Trail Angel to pack in. Shelter Shield II did not have a zipper, but the 8 folks in the Cosby Knob shelter loved it. (I need unanimous approval to deploy it). I bet it would infuriate a ridge runner. ha ha... unless it was really cold! People's attitudes seem to change as the temperature drops. SSIII is attached by simply looping small ropes around the large stones in the walls. BTW, it takes a day of sewing with a machine. It would be impossible by hand methinks. I can furnish design details. The zipper costs $8
at Benjamin's.

trail angel manzana
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PS. I deployed the portable hostel. It is 20 feet across and 10 feet high. It almost killed me just setting it up. No way can I haul that up a mountain with supplies by myself. Anybody need a really BIG tent? 8-)

12-11-2002, 10:36
This might have possibilities for thru-hikers if the zipper were separating, so each hiker could carry a 10x12 tarp for a personal tenting shelter. Two hikers with matching zippers at one shelter = SSIII. I bet late-season sobos would go for it!