View Full Version : Zippers on a HH

One Thing
02-27-2005, 15:29
Not sure if this goes here on HomeMade Gear, but, I would like to sew on 18-inch zippers on the bug net along the border of the fabric and the bug net, but still on the bug net. I would like to place one on each side. I thought it would be great to be able to just unzip and wipe down any condensation on the inside of the rain fly, and empty the P-bottle. Has anyone down this and are there any problems with having it just on the bug net?
Also, has anyone just removed the bug net from the HH (leave the ridge line)and entered the hammock from the top instead of the bottom?


03-17-2005, 17:25
i saw this posted on the yahoo groop and was wondering the same thing .. could you sew in a zipper just on the bug net of the HH. my thought was to have a "U" shaped opening around my head area. would just sewing a length of zipper on the bug net work out for this. from all i can tell the bug net doesnt support anything.

The Hammocker
03-17-2005, 21:01
thats a cool idea.

03-17-2005, 22:50
i never have condensation problems with my hh or tarp:cool: neo

Just Jeff
03-17-2005, 23:08
I saw a picture of this somewhere, and the guy who posted it said it was pretty easy. As long as you already know how to sew zippers, I guess.

I forget where it was, but you might try searching the photos at Yahoo's hammockcamping group.