View Full Version : Pedlar's DAAAAAM!

10-26-2011, 07:06
Hey gang,

Just hiked Monday (BEAUTIFUL HIKE) with my son from Hog Camp Gap down to Pedlar. The hike didn't take me to the base of the DAM at all, but to the footbridge a bit to the west. I must not have done my homework well enough, but I thought the trail went right past the base of the DAM. My map shows it that way, so does the interactive one on the website.

We were following blazes, so can't imagine we screwed up. Was it rerouted recently and if so, why? That's such a shame, because it seemed like the DAM would be a neat place to end a hike.

Rain Man
10-28-2011, 10:59
Another post-9/11 safety precaution (I believe). They don't want folks carrying big backpacks around dams (and drinking water reservoirs?) and the like. I experienced the same thing as you did, when I hiked NOBO past Pedlar's about two years ago. After seeing the pics and reading about it in some of the thru-hike books, I was looking forward to it. What a let-down the trail was re-routed away from the dam.

For a while, AT hikers were re-routed away from Fontana Dam.



Pedaling Fool
10-28-2011, 12:13
I didn't mind that the trail did not take me too close to the dam. What I remember hating about that area is that the trail seemed to unnecessarily snake around; I just hate the feeling of walking in circles.

Rick Hancock
10-29-2011, 09:33
The trail was relocated away from the base of the dam about 5-8 years ago? We hiked the area one fall and a year or 2 later when I hiked the trail again it was relocated. We enjoyed a lot of breaks at the small foot bridge watching the water some times trickle over and other times roaring in a cascade. I also remember the round about route that took you around the reservoir before you crossed Brown Mt. creek. The Pedlar area has always been one of my favorites.