View Full Version : Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Jacket on Clymb

10-31-2011, 15:04
Mountain Hardwear clothing including their Nitrous Jacket - an 800 fill light down - is ~50% off at www. http://www.theclymb.com (http://www.theclymb.com/) right now.

No financial relationship, just looks like a good deal for folks here

10-31-2011, 15:14
i have one and was suggested to order a size up because they run a little small. I'm glad i did and I'll pass the suggestion along.- Great jacket!

10-31-2011, 15:45
FYI, in order to buy from Clymb you have to be invited by a friend. If anyone wants an invite let me know. You'll need to pm me your e-mail address.

10-31-2011, 18:17
I see reviews for their Shadowland Jacket - which looks like it could be a nice windshirt - also say they run small. I've bought two items from them, a traditional shell type ski jacket, and a softshell. The former fit true to size, the latter was what might be called an "athletic cut." It was tight.