View Full Version : Lighten BD poles

10-31-2011, 20:42
I talked to the BD representative at Tail Days and he suggested we could shave a few ounces by cutting off the unused portion of the poles. Leave about two inches on each section beyond your longest setting. I saved about two ounces.

Papa D
10-31-2011, 21:40
Have you tried the BD "Z" poles? They are pretty specially light already.

10-31-2011, 22:00
Mine are the cheap BD trail, I think. Very basic. I busted my ass and fell on one of my poles bending the lower section. Same guy replaced the lower section at Trail Days, no charge.

Papa D
10-31-2011, 22:08
Hmm - didn't know Black Diamond made a "cheap pole" - try out the "Z" pole if you are a serious backpacker - I think they retail at about $105.

Wise Old Owl
10-31-2011, 23:00
Those shock springs I can do without.

10-31-2011, 23:36
I like a cut down wooden closet rod as my hiking pole. It is stout enough that I can put my weight with my pack on it in any position and it won't break.

11-01-2011, 00:32
I've got the BD Trail poles. Gonna have to take a peak and see how much extra pole can be trimmed.


01-08-2013, 17:04
Wow, that's pretty cool that the rep would advocate cutting the pole down. I once talked to an MSR rep about cutting down my ridgerest foam pad and all he kept telling me was that it would void the warranty.

01-08-2013, 22:19
try out the "Z" pole if you are a serious backpacker - I think they retail at about $105.

If you plan to use these both for hiking, and for holding up a tent, check that the adjustable range is good for both. None of them worked for me.