View Full Version : Snow in mid December - Mt Rogers / Grayson Highlands ????

Del Q
11-05-2011, 09:16
Would like some input, what kind of snow conditions are "normal" (if that exists anymore weather wise), in Southwest Virginia in Mid December?

Let me know, thanks!

Tipi Walter
11-05-2011, 09:35
It all depends on the elevation level, mainly. In fact, there has probably already been a couple snows on Mt Rogers and Wilburn Ridge. I saw a big snowstorm up there once on Halloween. Generally speaking, though, I always got thru December with winter storms of less intensity than thru January and February and even March (remember, the Blizzard of '93 hit in mid March).

11-05-2011, 13:07
You can call the ranger's office at Grayson Highlands State Park and ask about snow conditions. I spend a fair amount of time up there in the winter, and mid-December usually doesn't have much if any snow.

Serial 07
11-05-2011, 13:34
at mount rogers? in december? most likely tons......NEXT!

Serial 07
11-05-2011, 13:37
no, i kid...heavy snow doesn't really come here until january and february...there has been snow up there, but only really a dusting...i'd be ready for some cold temps though...obviously checking the weather closer to the time you leave will provide a better reading of the situation...

Del Q
11-05-2011, 13:41
Thanks, cold I can handle and tough out, trying to do 12 miles days with any kind of decent accumulations plus the increased risk of hiking over snowy/icy rocks & boulders could lead one to waiting until March to section hike from Bland to Damascus. Am 50/50 on this one.

11-06-2011, 19:43
It all depends on the elevation level, mainly.
I agree. I have hiked north from Thomas Knob shelter towards Wise shelter and encounterd every form of precipitation you can think of from rain, ice, hail, snow...etc. Quite a memorable hike. Hope yours is as well.

Del Q
11-06-2011, 20:45
I tend to err on the side of safety.

Concern is hiking in heavier ice and snow conditions, alone, risk of an injury is several-fold "normal" conditions. On ground, no problem, on rocks, boulders, downs.........trickier

Input winter Whiteblaze hikers?

11-06-2011, 22:04
If there is any kind of bad weather in the area, be prepared for very challenging conditions in the High Country. High sustained winds, bitter cold, whiteout, that sort of thing. If the weather is nice (high pressure, blue skies), be prepared for cold. I've been out in single-digit overnight temps in mid-December at 3500 feet, well below the 5000+ foot elevations at Mt Rogers. I've also done January hikes when it was in the 50s during the day. The 5-day forecast is your friend, but make sure it's for the elevation where you'll be hiking.

I bring my full winter pack, 0-F sleeping bag, etc. that time of year.

11-07-2011, 10:34
Hiked through the highlands in 2009 during Jan. low of -17 and 15 inches of snow! Best trip ever.
Ive also seen March be a beast as well, and May come to think about it.