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11-05-2011, 20:00
After about a month home from my AT 11' thru hike...I hear the call again. Taking a bus to Gatlinburg arriving Friday to meet up with my hiker trash friend Beanpole who is finishing up his flip flop..TN-Me...I'm very excited!!!!However, that only gives me 2 weeks of hiking...not enough! My question arabout the Pinhoti trail and how best to meet up with the Pinhoti from springer. What's the trail like compared to the white blazed AT? Howe the weather in Dec-Jan In sweet home ALabama??? Water? All info is appreciated. Not much time for planning.

11-05-2011, 20:09
I'm not a Pinhoti trail expert but if I'm not mistaken you'd have to connect to the BMT and hike it into GSMNP and connect with the AT where it intersects with the BMT around Shuckstack - that's hiking NOBO....

Dang... what am I thinking... You'd connect with the BMT where the Pinhoti ends then hike it south to the AT and from there to Springer. It's an excellent hike and the BMT is blazed and maintained every bit as well as the AT from the Pinhoti all the way to Springer.

Or you could just stay on the BMT all the way to Springer - by the time the BMT crosses the AT south of the Pinhoti you're already almost back to the AT southern terminus plaque anyway.

11-05-2011, 20:43
Somehow I understand that...Thx 10-k!! Looking forward to this hike. Maybe fl trail.after? Who knows

11-05-2011, 20:51
Good, because I totally confused myself!

One thing I know for sure is that the Georgia Pinhoti northern (eastern?) terminus is where it meets the BMT. From there you can hike the BMT north either to the AT in GSMNP or you can hike the BMT south all the way to Springer.

Shortly before you get to Springer the BMT and the AT cross a few times.

Hiking south from the Pinhoti / BMT intersectiont the BMT is blazed out the wazoo. Hiking north from there - take a map and compass because you'll surely need them.

11-05-2011, 21:41
I plan on hiking to springer and finishin up beanpoles thru...then from there ill most like find the BMT and takthe Pinhotie south..and most likely on to FL. Luv the adventure and not having a plan

11-05-2011, 21:46
Well that'll work out well then since you'll be on the AT going south to Springer with Beanpole and you can hike a totally different trail system to get to the Pinhoti.