View Full Version : Fatman Here!

11-08-2011, 23:19
I am 5'10 and 320 lbs and need help with aquiring a NEW pack, preferably 40-50 liters, and fits without too many changes... Where, who what to look for...

11-09-2011, 00:07
If I were you I would use the Granite Gear Quetico pack. http://www.granitegearstore.com/Quetico-P87C16.aspx

Don't laugh. Call the company and explain your extra large belt requirement and probably shoulder straps as well. They make many fine packs and would be helpful in getting you a good fit. Your pack needs to be fitted to your body--don't expect to find something off the shelf that will work for you. I think the extra large 'tactical series' belt could be made to fit this pack. I bet you would find this pack comfortable, durable, and adequate in every way.