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11-12-2011, 22:09
just been wondering about the different nationalities that have completed the AT cos I saw this video
H (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/nov/12/police-beer-trap)e says he's the 2nd swede ever to complete the hike... wondering how he knows this.... is there a database anywhere

Obviously several if not a couple hundred English have completed at AT, but would like to know... cheers

11-12-2011, 22:10
hahaha... no that's an article about stupid thieves! here's the video


11-12-2011, 22:14
I've seen a list of nationalities, but I want numbers

11-13-2011, 20:33
I'd inquire with the ATC. They'd be the only ones to have any form of numbers, and even then it would only be what's reported directly to them, so there's really no way to know actuals.

11-13-2011, 21:47
The kid who filmed the video is a good friend of mine. We lived together in Africa and he came over to hike the trail with me. I'll ask him how he found that out and i'll let you know.