View Full Version : Transport to Baxter, Maine?

11-13-2011, 14:50
Starting a southbound hike June next year. Does anyone know what kind of transport is best/cheapest (if there is such a thing at all) from Bangor International Airport to Baxter National Park? Or if there's an alternate airport we should be flying into? We noticed that Millinocket Municipal is a hell of a lot closer, but that's not a possible destination from where we're flying out from. Thanks!

11-13-2011, 15:32
Baxter State Park is about an hour/hour and a half North of Bangor from my recollection. I'll bet with the lead time you can find another hiker or shuttle to take you up there but you might not be able to firm that down until next spring as June is still 7 months away. Hopefully we'll meet in between as I will be headed northbound on the same trail. Just southeast of Katahdin and just off the AT is Gulf Hagas which "someone" called "the Grand Canyon of Maine". It's a great area with super swimming holes and waterfalls in case it is wicked hot when you are on that section.

11-14-2011, 08:48
Look in the right hand corner of Whiteblaze and look for the magnifying lens icon. Try searching for this information as it comes up frequently. Things change from this time of the year until spring, businesses shut down or open up, subsidies change so the bus lines may not run like you planned so its best to wait a bit until spring once you have reviewed past threads.

Note, you appear to be planning to fly into Bangor, there is generally a much better deal flying into Portland, granted it takes about 3 hours extra to get to Millinocket, but the selection of airlines and prices usually are quite attractive compared to Bangor.

11-14-2011, 11:46
Actually there are several ways to get to BSP but most start from Bangor. If you are coming from across country it is probably easiest to fly into Portland and then take a bus to Bangor. I'm not sure but you may need to take a cab from the airport to the bus station, perhaps a 10 minute ride. From Bangor there will be several options. I would suggest contacting Phil Pepin at his [email protected] Phil is a super guy, has mutiple thru hikes to his credit, and for many years was the guy at MATC who answered all of the questions that you are asking. Also the Appalachian Lodge in Millinocket may be able to help as well. Finally, check out MATC's website and check with our corresponding secretary for further ideas.