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11-14-2011, 15:12
I am looking to take my boys on a 4 day section hike. We live in Ohio and I would like to introduce them to it. The Boys are very athletic to Im not real concerned about difficulty(except maybe for me). If anyone could reccomend any sections that meet this description I would greatly appreciate it.

Doc Mike
11-14-2011, 15:17
Go to damascus then shuttle 40 miles up the trail and hike back. Will go through Grayson Highlands and Mt rogers. Excellent Hike not hard and My 12 yo (at the time) absolutely loved it.

PM me if needed I can give you specifics.

11-14-2011, 16:55
Is mt rogers bad weather this time of year? I'm also thinking of a 4 day hike in mid-December, but was concerned of the weather there...

Doc Mike
11-14-2011, 17:17
depends maybe snow and 10 degrees or maybe 50 had to say in advance.

11-14-2011, 18:27
A few other Virginia alternatives at lower elevations:
Waynesboro to Buena Vista/US-60: 56 miles -- Humpback Mtn., Cedar Cliffs, Tye River Gorge, The Priest, Cash Hollow, Tar Jacket Ridge, Cold Mountain
James River Foot Bridge/US-501 to Daleville: 57 miles -- James River Gorge, The Guillotine, Jennings Creek, Sharp Top Overlook
Daleville to Craig Creek Valley/VA-621: 41 miles -- Hay Rock, Carvins Cove Reservoir, Tinker Cliffs, McAfee Knob, Dragons Tooth, Audie Murphy Monument
Number 3 is a pretty sweet section, with a lot of reward for the effort.