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11-15-2011, 16:34
I'm going the second half of April probably, and am trying to decide where to hike. Right now I'm thinking NOBO from DWG, or NOBO from Damascus. Any advice/ideas/alerts? I'm figuring 15 days right now.

11-15-2011, 17:59
you can cover more states (NJ, NY, Conn.), maybe, leaving from DWG. you may make it half way through VA.

11-15-2011, 19:15
Starting your hike at Daleville , Va (US 220) going SOBO to Atkins would be a fine spring hike of 181 miles .

Drive to Atkins,Va . and have Rambunny , proprietor of the Happy Hiker Hollow (276-783-3754) shuttle you to Daleville . This way your car is parked in a safe place for two weeks. Get there a day early so you can experience her southern hospitality I recommend calling ahead and making prior arrangements to secure your shuttle and if you do intend an overnight stay then secure that as well.

This section has splendid views from Tinker Cliffs and McAfee Knob in the first few days .

Weather in higher altitudes in April could breezy and even might be holding on to some snow & ice so I might recommend bringing Yak tracs .

11-15-2011, 19:50
If those are your only 2 choices, I'd go from DWG because it will be more wintery in the high elevations out of Damascus, unless that's what you want.

I suppose there's a reason for those two choices but for me in the last half of April, I'd hike from Daleville, either south as JohnnyBGood suggested or north to the Blue Ridge Parkway and eventually Shenandoah NP.

11-17-2011, 15:18
I've hiked both of those sections in April (different years) and they were great, even if there is snow. I really like the DWG NOBO section because of the variety of terrain. One thing to check into and consider is that Hurricane Irene took out a bunch of the boardwalks and foot bridges in NJ so the trail has been rerouted to road walks until they are repaired. Not sure how long that will take or exactly where they are - can check with NYNJ Trail Conference for info. You could also do Fontana Dam NOBO to Hot Springs or further north. That's a nice section.

11-17-2011, 23:54
I'll check on NJ/NY, but I'm leaning toward Va. Looking at that section on a map gives an idea of the scale of the whole AT. Thru hiking is a mammoth undertaking, I just wish I had the circumstances to give it a try.