View Full Version : Anyone with experience with cheap eBay silk bag liners?

11-15-2011, 22:16
http://www.ebay.com/itm/260664802513?redirect=mobile That's what I'm referring to. I saw the price of these and the weight and figure it might be worth it. I'm only getting a liner to keep my bag fresh, not for heat. Has anyone tried them? Do you see any reason I shouldn't get one? Thanks! Nick

11-15-2011, 22:27
A liner is a bit of a pain, getting in two bags instead of the simplicity of only one.
But, when it's cold and you can add an extra layer, it makes for a better nights sleep.
I say this with the experience of using a micro fleece liner many times.
The silk one wouldn't do as much in the warmth factor.
And I don't see the hygiene (cleanliness) issue being worth the hassle of getting into and out of 2 bags each time.
Just my thoughts from my experiences.

11-15-2011, 23:39
I love my micro fleece liner. keeps your regular bag cleaner and fresher. its a lot easier to throw your liner in the wash then worrying about a sleeping bag, especially a nice down bag. silk liners i have no experience with however...

11-16-2011, 00:17
I have a nice down bag and I want to keep it at it's best so I will use a liner. Marmot Helium is warm enough. Silk alone would be good for warm nights. I'm just concerned whether these are a good choice if I want to go silk.

11-16-2011, 01:41
Hey Lando think it can stop the hiker funk? No way! Miss you man.

11-16-2011, 04:20
I have a nice down bag and I want to keep it at it's best so I will use a liner.I find silk underwear protects the bag and provides a little bit of warmth to about the same degree as a liner, without the entanglements. I use cheap silks and do find they rip and need replacement every couple/few hundred miles, might be an issue on thru's. I've never looked into the expensive stuff.

Rain Man
11-16-2011, 12:41
Do you see any reason I shouldn't get one?

My wife and I have silk liners. Mostly, they are not worth the trouble. The "new and improved" versions don't even attach to sleeping bags, so when you roll over, the liner tries to go with you, separately from the bag. Not good.

For what it's worth, I just saw an "expose'" on one of the major morning news shows, about women ordering silk wedding dresses, which are made in China. Seems a lot of the dresses are "cheap" in more ways than one, and are not even silk, but are polyester instead. So, beware and double-check that you are getting exactly what you are ordering.

Rain Man


11-16-2011, 22:02
I have this bag, it is very warm , very roomy, and feels good when your sweaty and stinky. I stoped carrying it because of the weight. my liner weights 4 oz so it may not be the same liner, but both come from same place.

11-16-2011, 22:45
Thanks mountainman! When you say the same place, do you mean the same eBay seller? How's the quality of the stitching?

Johnny Thunder
11-17-2011, 01:30
i'm going against the grain on this one and say that i really, really like my silk bag liner. BUT, i didn't buy if initially for through-hiking (though it will probably now be part of my kit).

first off, i live in asia and travel around with a bunch of rich-but-poor public school teachers (we're all sending our money home for further adventures and loans and stuff). so when you've got 6 people packed into a one-bed-room in a "love motel" it's the man with the shortie thermarest and silk bag liner who is king. continuing in that travel modus...many international hostels don't provide linens...just comforters...and i'm damn sure they don't wash those things.

also, i live in and with my one 15 degree down sleeping bag which WILL NOT be washed during the duration of my time over here. i can't tell you where the nearest front loading washer is that is (degree of difficulty) owned and operated by an english speaker to whom i can communicate the finer points of high quality down care. so having something i can drop in the wash is probably going to be the make-or-break item in keeping my bag habitable.

i've experienced the climbing in and out and the twisting in the bag and all the evils others have mentioned here and it doesn't really phase me. the benefits for travel and hiking seem to far outweigh the weight cost.

about that specific bag liner, i can't comment. i did have some friends come back from chiang mai in northern thailand with silk bag liners that were easily 10 ounces. so just be careful about what you're getting.

11-18-2011, 21:13
I use long underwear to add warmth to my bag and to keep it cleaner. By far, the dirtiest part of your sleeping bag will be the inside of the hood. Wear a hat.

Long underwear is a liner that weighs less than a liner, keeps you warm when you get out of your bag, and serves as suitable wear around camp (unless you're a guy and mind having a fly on your pants in public).

Liners are over-hyped, overweight, unnecessary single use items. If you must have one, make sure that you find more than one use for it ;).

Papa D
11-18-2011, 21:38
I have a Mont Bell liner that I like a lot - keeps my bags clean, extends temp rating, nice as a spare blanket while sitting around, etc. I like inexpensive, but "the CHEAP man spends the most"