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Feral Nature
11-16-2011, 16:06
Is this pad any good?


Buffalo Skipper
11-16-2011, 16:30
This looks like a standard foam pad. $19.86 seems like more than double the reasonable price I have seen for similar pads, though this one has some buckles that look uncomfortable to sleep on.

Just my 2.

Feral Nature
11-16-2011, 16:43
Can you direct me to another pad that is cheaper but still usable?

11-16-2011, 16:51
Can you direct me to another pad that is cheaper but still usable?

Yes, indeed. Walmart carries a blue sleep pad, full length, for around $6.49. This is the same as the old ensolite pads that we used to sleep on before modern technology. I'm not sure what the R-value is but it should be good for three season use. And it's very lightweight.

11-16-2011, 17:13
I replaced a warn out z-rest on the CDT with a brand new "Big Blue" i got in Pie Town NM. Carried it all the way to Canada. It defenatly lost a few pieces along the way but held together mostly. Towards the end of the hike when it was raining more often it would stay water logged for days, getting my sleeping bag wet at night. Other than the sponge effect(which was due to very long use)it worked great. For as cheap as they are, you could replace it often if wanted.

Feral Nature
11-16-2011, 17:17
Thanks yall, appreciate it!

11-16-2011, 17:42
I wouldn't use it if you payed me. But then again I boycott walmart. To each his own.

Wise Old Owl
11-16-2011, 17:53
Yea fine for scouts on a trip-but heavy and unforgiving - there are better products out there but $$$$

Feral Nature
11-16-2011, 18:10
I'm on a very tight budget and am trying to do my best.

Feral Nature
11-16-2011, 18:26
Ok, is this the pad?


Wise Old Owl
11-16-2011, 23:13
I see two things going on here - when I was 100 pounds a side sleeper and 18 - a pad like that would be acceptable. Now I am 238 and 50 years old- that would kill me in the hips. Getting a good nights rest is key to a good backpack adventure.... The other issue is the Blue CFL wont attach well to some of the new packs....

SO a couple of questions - what is your experience?
what is your plan to use this or goal?
Have you considered renting one from EMS?
If you are considering backpacking the entire AT - there have been threads in the past suggesting $2000 - $4000 dollars over the three months trip. What have you budgeted?

And don't get me wrong - I like the hiking poles at wally world... ... I feel awkward saying go ahead get a CFL pad at $8... Last year not one kid on the Canada trip had one - they almost all had used or new UL self inflating mats for a week's 80 mile trip. The troop outfitted the kids that could not afford some pieces.

11-17-2011, 09:54
The wallyworld blue foam pad is fine -- it provides good insulation, which is the most important function of a sleeping pad. It's reasonably comfortable for me if I sleep on my back, but as I mostly sleep on my side, I find it less than optimal. However, plenty of successful long distance hikers use this sort of pad.

11-17-2011, 10:22
This article that I wrote may help:

All depends on your budget, sleeping style, temps ,etc.

..or just skip here to the summary:
http://www.pmags.com/sleepings-pads-a-grounded-view#quick and dirty

For many people, a Z-Lite or Ridge Rest foam pad is a nice compromise between price, comfort and weight.

Being a dirt bagger minimalist, I use the blue foamer myself for the fair amount of backpacking I've done over the years.
Similar to this one (cut down, it is about 5 oz for me)

Hope this helps!

Feral Nature
11-17-2011, 10:59
Thanks everyone and for the PMs I got with suggestions. I am planning a thru for Mid-March. Wise Old Owl, I will continue to get a disabilty check direct deposited into my account and will have a debit card, so there will be income every month while I am hiking. I have done car camping but am an inexperienced long-distance hiker. I am at a point in my life that I can get away and do this, it is now or never. I am not a sissy girl and know I can do this.

11-17-2011, 11:17
.....I am not a sissy girl and know I can do this.


BEST of luck to you! This post made me smile, thank you.

11-17-2011, 11:18
This article that I wrote may help....


THanks for taking the time to write this up. What a well written article.... :)

Feral Nature
11-17-2011, 11:22
Yes, Mags, thank you, I forgot to say that in my previous post.