View Full Version : Just got back from the Inca Trail in Peru

11-16-2011, 17:12
Hiked to 13,860' at Dead Woman's Pass. Could hardly breath but worth the view.

Apx. 29 miles in 4 days with a group. Could have gone faster by myself but it wasn't about time or speed.

Anyway I think this was a good hike to prepare for my GSMNP AT hike in July (70 miles 7 days). I learned a lot about myself, my hiking pace with a 15 lbs. pack, getting the most out of packing my essentials. Hiking in the rain, altitude and sun. Bandanas are my new favorite item. Lightweight, sun protector and all around general use. My Garmont boots held up nice on all the rock.

Thick socks worked really well for me as an insulator and I didn't get one blister. Even though the trip to Peru was a tough hike I believe a solo section hike of the AT this summer will prove to be harder because I'll be by myself and more mileage.

11-16-2011, 22:11
I'm jealous. That where I want to go. Any advice for securing a decent air fare?

SmokyMtn Hiker
11-16-2011, 22:18
I done the Smokies in Oct. 2008, SOBO, and it was just my second multi-night backpacking trip I had taken. It's not that bad, just in some places but the views make it worth it and I done it in 6 days with no problem. Good luck to you.

Miami Joe
11-16-2011, 23:09
Why did you have troubling breathing? Did you acclimate in Cusco long enough? When I went, I arrived to Cusco a week early. Of course, that's probably overkill but I partied pretty hard (Los Perros, Rat's Tavern and The Muse!). You shouldn't have any trouble in the Smokies. Good luck. Have fun. Jealous.

11-17-2011, 07:12
We acclimated for two days in Cusco but at 13,860' it's just hard to go more than 50' at a time uphill. As far as airfare we booked four months in advance. Try to use Taca airlines for the whole trip.

I loved the Andes mountains but the Mountains in Tennessee are my home and wouldn't trade them for anything.

Lucky to have the AT so close to me!

11-17-2011, 08:59
if i may ask p-train, approx what did the trip cost and include? it is positively on my list of TTDBID (things to do before i die.)



11-17-2011, 09:29
I'm jealous. That where I want to go. Any advice for securing a decent air fare?

That trip was "Plan B" for me back in 1996. I was in Ecuador visiting a friend and a small revolution prevented me from seeing much there, so I flew to Lima then on to Cuzco for just over $100 as I recall. Once in Cuzco, I started shopping for supplies for the walk to Machu Picchu. A tour guide approached me and offered a four-day guided trip including food and train fare back for $60. I could barely buy food for that, so I accepted and it was the most memorable trip ever. The Shining Path was still very active then (an Israeli couple had just been murdered in their tent on the Inca Trail the week before) so it was recommended to travel in a locally-guided group. It was all in Spanish, but you couldn't beat the price (and the fun of traveling with a group of 20-something South Americans). If you speak a little Spanish, are flexible and have a few extra days, you might want to book the trip in country, not from here. I saved about $1,200 doing it that way at the time. Those HS Spanish classes finally paid off.

I enjoyed that 14,000' pass, especially the views of the 20,000' peaks. I was living at the time in Colorado at 7000', and routinely hiked up to 14K, so I was acclimated just fine. I enjoyed hiking ahead with the kitchen porters and cooks and BSing with them. I had a roll of white tape that we used to tape up the cracks and cuts on everyone's feet (they were hiking in home-made sandals), and in return got passed the bottle of pisco moonshine with coca leaves soaking in it. Very memorable.