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11-18-2011, 12:55
Hi all,

I just started a yearlong project in Wyoming County, WV working for the Great Eastern Trail. As a whole, the trail is around 70% complete, but here in southern West Virginia much work remains to be done.

This year I have two main projects: 1) making the local TuGuNu Hiking Club sustainable and a chapter of a nonprofit, and 2) working on some major landowner permission issues.

The first task is by far the most complicated, due to a local culture centered on ATVing as opposed to hiking. My job is to find the people who didn't know they wanted to be involved, and make it all happen. If there are those of you out there who have founded trail clubs in areas where there is little to no existing hiking culture, I'd love to hear from you.

I will be giving periodic updates on the progress in Wyoming County. You can also check out TuGuNu Hiking Club on Twitter @TuGuNu.

J. Swanson
GET VISTA Coordinator
TuGuNu Hiking Club

01-12-2012, 15:56
TuGuNu Hiking Club will be holding its first meeting of 2012 on Tuesday, January 24 at the Cow Shed in Pineville at 6:30 PM. TuGuNu is for outdoors enthusiasts who want to explore the area and help bring the Great Eastern Trail through southern West Virginia. Newcomers welcome! Anyone in the area should swing by!

Progress on completing the trail through WV is slow but steady.

01-15-2012, 15:24
You might try contacting folks at the West Virginia Scenic Trail Association, in particular, Doug Woods. His email is on the web page at wvscenictrails.org on the GET page.