View Full Version : Where will they be??

11-20-2011, 13:01
We are looking to a section hike from Davenport north for about 150 miles or so starting May 3rd. Where will the NOBOs be??? We would like to avoid crowded shelters if all possible and were thinking of making this a shelter only hike.
Thanks for the help.

11-20-2011, 13:27
It's impossible to tell until you get there, but chances are very good there will still be pleantly of thru-hikers also passing through. As always, bring tents just in case. Or plan on just going shelter to shelter. If you leave early and stop at the next shelter, you can claim space before anyone else does. Keep in mind, you might not be the only section hikers there with the same plan too... Oh - and how many are "we"? If its more then 2, that can be a big factor too.

11-20-2011, 13:28
Davenport is 235 miles from Springer Mountain. That is roughly 3 weeks hiking time for the average green thru-hiker. Back out 3 weeks from May 3rd and it puts you at a departure date of about April 15th. Check trailjournals.com or maybe here to see how many thru-hikers are leaving around that date. Don't discount all the other section hikers too. The month of May is a great time to get out and hike before the heat picks up in the south.

11-20-2011, 13:44
As slo go en said, you could always just leave early and get to the shelters first.

I hiked 11 days from springer a couple years back with all thru hikers yet I stayed in shelters every night by leaving by 7:30-8am, eating cold breakfast instead of hot helps... And by not stopping for hour-long lunches... Plus I just hike fast.

If you want a more leisurely pace, I suggest bringing a tent as backup (or backpacking hammock).