View Full Version : The mystery pipe.....

11-20-2011, 22:21
Saw these in several of the shelters in the SNP.

People even asked what they were for in the shelter registers, so I do not feel like it is a completely stupid question....

This is it


It is about 3" around, 6" long. Fastened over the opening with bolts backed up with a half a dozen washers so as to isolate /insulate it from the wood....

Also has a slot cut in the front to slidesomething into/....?

11-20-2011, 22:24
once upon a time the club tried to collect a dollar per night for staying in the shelter/hut and mounted these "pipe safes" as a collection point for the dollars

11-20-2011, 22:49
HOI , wasn't it was suppose to be like an honor system thing ?

11-20-2011, 23:04
basically yes since there was no enforcement

Captain Blue
11-20-2011, 23:14
I remember they were in use in 1990 when I first hiked through there.

11-20-2011, 23:14
basically yes since there was no enforcement

Which is why it didn't work, just like asking for donations at a hostel with no one there for oversight...