View Full Version : Sewing Capilene

11-21-2011, 04:31
So my pair of long underwear are getting "vertical rips" -- similar to a pantyhose run. What is the best stitch/thread to repair Cap 1s with?

I just stitched up a pair of fleece gloves after taking a sewing session at an AEE conference, so I'm feeling like I need a new challenge.

The Old Boot
11-21-2011, 17:20
If they're 'running' like ladies pantyhose do then the stitch that is there is actually knit just like a sweater. Your best bet would be to take the finest size of crochet hook that you can find and start at the bottom the run and work your way upwards one row at a time. That will work as long as the threads haven't actually come apart. When you get to the top of the 'run' use a fine sewing needle and polyester thread to anchor the stitch to the top of the 'run'.

It's tedious work and if there's more than a couple of them and you place any value on your time, it's time for new ones rather than trying to fix the old ones.