View Full Version : The old Laurel Creek Lodge opening under new ownership and name for 2012 season

11-24-2011, 00:38
The old Laurel Creek Lodge in Hampton will be reopening for the 2012 thru hiking season. They will be opening under the name of Black Bear Resort with the same address and phone number. The website is www.blackbearresorttn.com (http://www.blackbearresorttn.com/)and we also have a facebook page which is www.facebook.com/blackbearresorttn (http://www.facebook.com/blackbearresorttn).

11-24-2011, 00:51
That's good news. It can get kinda crazy at Kincora at times during the busy season and around trail days, so having them available again for the overflow is good.

bamboo bob
11-24-2011, 10:21
That is good news. I stayed there in 2000. Kincora is fine but all hostels can be tiresome if you just want to sleep.

11-24-2011, 10:41
Great time there in 2002 when they were serving dinner and breakfast. Hosting that year was Fausa and Scoop

11-24-2011, 22:07
Not many are going to pay $20 for a primitive tent site by a brook when they can camp for free along the trail and the creek just north of the road crossing.

Just a Hiker
11-24-2011, 22:39
Had Thanksgiving Dinner with Bob Peoples, Jack Tarlin, Seiko, Otto, Mountain Squid and the gang, and there was some chat about how crazy Kincora was this year because of both Laurel Creek Lodge and Braemer Castle being closed this year! No one will be happier than Bob to hear this news.

11-25-2011, 11:51
The first time I visted Kincora, I was wet, cold and tired. As I was walking up to the front portch, I was greeted by someone shouting out "GO AWAY! THIS PLACE IS FULL AND YOU CAN'T STAY HERE!". Great, what to do now? The only thing I could - I walked up the road to Laurel Creek and had the whole place to myself. They even had frozen pizza and ice cream, which was great since I was also pretty much out of food.

Tennessee Viking
11-25-2011, 11:59
Is it the same Black Bear Resort company near Hot Springs.

No Belay
11-27-2011, 20:56
Looks like the new owners trashed the bunk house and turned it into a "cabin". Twenty bucks for a tent site? What city are they from? I was hoping the new owners were hikers.

11-27-2011, 22:06
Stayed there about 5 years ago. Took the old AT, blue blazed now, down past Coon den falls. Steep, but the falls were great. Sounds like the prices have gone up, but we liked the place when we stayed there last time.

11-28-2011, 14:01
Stayed there in 2000. Kincora was full and the very gracious Bob Peeples drove me to Laurel Creek Lodge. The owners were Dennis and Mary and they were terrific. I can't remember their last name. I'm glad to hear it's getting a face lift. Incidentally, what happened to Dennis and Mary? The last I heard, they were opening a place in Damascus.