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11-27-2011, 13:09
I'm planning a section hike Starting at Watuga and going NOBO for 10 days (don't know how far I'm gonna go, hopefully at least 150 miles) on February 10-20. And I was wondering what the snow situation- how much, if any- is like around that area, and what an average low temperature would be. The max elevation in this area would be around 5k.

All answers are appreciated!

The Solemates
11-28-2011, 10:31
completely depends on the year. winter in the south is unpredictable.

most likely will at least have some snow on the ground in places. could have several feet in a big snow year. temps could be 30 at night, or they could be below 0. i've had all these conditions in this area.

best advice is to come prepared for the worse.

11-28-2011, 13:26
hey maddox. :D this doesn't make any difference really, but it's watAuga, and to blend in with the locals, it's pronounced wuh-taw-guh, not wuh-too-guh. i lived in swva for 3.5 years before moving to charleston, and when i got to netn/swva, it seemed a lot of hikers were missing that A in watauga. like i said, it doesn't really matter. it's just an fyi. :) kinda like the locals laughing at high-uh-wassee vs. hee-uh-wassee.

but like solemates said, winters in that area are pretty unpredictable. you can have nice, "warm" days (NOT warm like down in chucktown, but warmer than average), and you have the possibility of snow. i went up to white top mountain (in the mt. rogers area) one day i believe it was in november a few years ago, and there was knee-deep snow on the mountain.

you never really know. :) i would just say the key to hiking this area in feb would be good layering.

Tennessee Viking
11-28-2011, 13:55
Expect 20s-30s. Snowfall varies. Around the Iron/Holston Mtn area it won't be too bad. Going north of Damascus is a gamble.

11-28-2011, 20:17
Nice to meet a fellow Charlestonian! Sorry for my spelling error and thanks for the reply. I live in the Johns Island area, if you know where that is.

11-28-2011, 20:44
it'll be 34 degrees in the daytime, 27 degrees at night with 3 inches of snow.