View Full Version : Western Mountaineering Hot Sac

11-27-2011, 23:59
Hello, I currently have a Western Mountaineering Carabou bag and love it. It's rated for 35 and I can easily go down to the upper 20's low 30's with it. But I'm cheap, so Ive asked about liners for my bag and I've heard the WM Hot Sac is the way to go for the most warmth for the buck to extend my bags capability. I have a sea to summit reactor which is what I use to achieve the upper 20's with my caribou. So has anyone here used the Hot Sac?, if so how much did it help?

11-28-2011, 09:08
I haven't used the hot sac but thinking of picking one up for this winter. I've heard you'll pick up another 10-15 pending how you sleep.
Keep in mind it's a vapor barrier not a breathable liner.