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12-01-2011, 20:02
Hi folks, hope everyone is staying warm with the beginning of December. I have a question I'd like to pose to anyone with experience with either the INOV8 390 (or similar models) or the Salomon Quest 4D. I'll be purchasing one of the 2 for my through-hike. I found a deal on the SAL's for 175, and have tried them on in person. They feel great, but weigh around 2 lbs. Not a bad weight, until compared w/ something like the INOV8 which weighs 13 oz. That sounds like a dream for my hiking legs, but I'm a bit worried about the durability of a boot that is that light.

I'm also aware that no matter what boot I choose, they won't last me the whole way. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience w/ these boots and can comment on the durability/comfort. Especially the inov8, as I've never even seen them in person.

I'm a person who runs in 5 Fingers and loves that feel, and I have a slightly wide foot - which could be accommodated by that large toe-box the INOV8 boasts.

Any and all input welcome! Many thanks,


inov8 - http://www.zappos.com/inov-8-roclite-390-gore-tex-navy-grey
quest - http://www.backcountry.com/salomon-quest-4d-gtx-hiking-boot-mens?CMP_ID=PD_GOO001&mv_pc=r101&mkwid=soFimwVGM|pcrid|8214440324&s_kwcid=TC|5485|salomon%20quest%204D%20GTX%20hikin g%20boots||S|b|8214440324&002=2443809&004=396215024&005=22121833844&006=8214440324&007=Search&008=

12-01-2011, 21:18
Both of those have EVA midsoles, so that means the padding will go flat after 300-500 miles just like any running shoe. Durability is rarely a problem when you replace shoes that frequently.

The 390 does not have a wide toebox, although I wouldn't call it especially narrow. It's not really a boot either. The discontinued Roclite 370 was basically a high top version of the Roclite 315 shoe. The Roclite 390 is simply the 370 with a goretex liner. If you want a wider toe box, try the Terroc 330 or Roclite 295.

12-01-2011, 21:41
I the Second Rocklite 295's especailly once you get to NH and Maine. I would go with the Terroc's in PA

Del Q
12-01-2011, 21:54
Sadly, I have wide feet and Innov8 would not fit..............LOVED what I bought, wear them occasionally, awesome light, if they come out with shoes in wide I will be in. AND...........never wore liners and regular hiking socks.

12-02-2011, 01:13
Del Q, what Inov-8 shoes did you have? They have different lasts that fit quite differently.