View Full Version : Ice Age Trail December Hike

double d
12-01-2011, 21:42
I'm planning on a three day hike of the IAT in mid-December and would like to park my car at the Ice Age Center located in the Kettle Moraine State Forest (Northern Unit). What is their policy regarding over-night parking? I have visited the IAT Center before, but can't remember their over-night policy, as I plan on only needing two nights (for a three day hike). Thanks my Wisconsin WB friends for any help (and as a Chicago guy with Illinois plates, please don't mistake my car for a white tail deer, as I believe its still hunting season!!!).

12-01-2011, 23:38
Not sure but I would just call the Northern Unit Kettle Moraine State Forest Headquarters and talk it over with a ranger.262-626-2116

double d
12-02-2011, 01:32
Duh....thanks TheCheek, I'll give them a call, sometimes the answer to ones question is just the simple one!