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03-07-2005, 19:34
I am wondering if anyone owns a golite breeze and has a review and/or opinion on it. Also, are there any other frameless packs out there that anyone wolud recomend. I like the style of the six moons designs packs, but I have never tried one on and walked around with it. I have heard good things about ULA, but the P-2 and P-1 are too big for what I need, and I don't like the external pad pocket on the fusion. Anyways, any frameless pack under 4000 cu. in. with an internal pad pocket would fit my criteria. Thanks for any feedback.:-?

03-07-2005, 20:22
Of course the Gossamer Gear G4, G5, or Mariposa. The G4 is loved by many ULers. Here is a link for you.

03-07-2005, 20:26

Not trying to blow my own horn, but along the lines you're talking about is the Comet Pack http://www.sixmoondesigns.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=37. It's new and won't be shipping for another month. As far as I know, it is the only pack has the destinction of having the only internal pad pocket. It also has a much more robust harness system simular to thoes found on traditional internal frame packs. I think it's weight and volume should also meet your criteria.

It can be configured as either a framless or internal frame pack depending upon your needs.


03-07-2005, 21:07

I just got done trying on a few of your packs at Next Adventure. I liked the idea of the external pad pocket for hiking breaks, to be able to pull it out fast to sit on it. How accessible will this internal pocket be for the Comet, and can you give us ballpark of the price range or will it be comparable to the Starlite 05 in price? It said TBA for price.

03-07-2005, 21:35
Not trying to blow my own horn, but along the lines you're talking about is the Comet Pack http://www.sixmoondesigns.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=37.Got any photos of the back? I'd love to see how the torso adjustment is made.

03-07-2005, 21:45
Got any photos of the back? I'd love to see how the torso adjustment is made.What an idiot. Just hold your damn mouse over the photo and you'll see the back view.:datz

totally Boagus
03-07-2005, 21:52
I have been using the Breeze for 18 months and love it. I have set it up for 6 days with no resupply and it only weighed 23 lbs. The lack of a hip belt could be a problem for some but my shoulders carry the load fine. Learning to load the pack and compress it's contents so it would fit in was where I was challenged.
But with good gear that will compress, your load will stay light and small. I think some people have run into problems with this and other small packs when they go out and are not prepaired the the cold and wet beyond the packs carry limit. Ray Jardine, who designed the Breeze, started his thru in mid May and ended in about 92-95 days. He was really never out in cold conditions, beyond what the pack could carry. I use the Breeze from mid April through October.( mid atlantic states) Then I go to a larger pack for colder temps. I put a 3/4 Z rest pad folded out equally next to my back inside a trash bag and then the bag,tent, clothes, cook kit, first aid, hygiene, and food, in that order. All the other stuff, the stuff that can get wet stay in the mesh pockets outside.
One thing to also consider is that Jardine packs a lot shared gear with his wife and his solo gear list is different.
"Tha Wookie" and his girl friend "island mama" have used the Breeze over many miles and I believe their comments are possitive. Check out "Tha Wookie's" journals

03-07-2005, 22:04
the golite breeze is a great pack,i gave mine away to a friend,i still have 2 golite
day packs,smaller version of the breeze without extension coller,i like this pack better,i also have a golite gust,but my favorite pack is a equinox katahdin:sun neo

03-07-2005, 22:26
I've hiked about 8,000 miles now with the Go-Lite Breeze and I love it. I don't see a need for any improvements on it. I use the Day pack version of the breeze when i'm going out for less than 3 days but it won't hold enough food for more. Reasons i like the breeze: no frills means no extra weight! the mesh pockets hold everything i need for my breaks including water, snacks, maps, raingear, packcover, wet tent (sometimes) and i only need to go inside when i stop for lunch of to set up camp at the end of the day. I keep my fleece shirt under the top strap that holds the pack shut. I believe a hip belt is unneccessary if you are carrying less than 20 lbs. They only add useless weight. I too have tried the Equinox Katahdin and think it's a good pack if you are carrying more than 20 lbs and won't be bushwhacking. The Breeze is more rugged and works for me.

03-07-2005, 22:55
I use the breeze on dayhikes, but find it to be less than adequate for my needs on multi-day excursions. Of course I'm more of a lightweight hiker than an ultralighter, so those with 8lb base weights would probably love it. I found the straps uncomfortable when I added 5 days of food and 2qts of water.

The large mesh pocket is a great feature.

03-08-2005, 01:16

I use the Breeze and love it. Get your equipment right so you are within the stated load limit and it works great. The small internal volume seems to necessitate a sleeping bag that packs down small. Once I got a Western Mountaineering Caribou bag everything worked fine. I can carry 5 days supplies with no problem and think I could probably stretch it to 6 or 7.

I happen to prefer no hip belt for lighter loads and feel no compulsion or need to carry 30-40 pounds of stuff. My needs are pretty simple when I am out and it all fits in the Breeze for me. Once I get a few days of food in me the pack weighs in around 15 pounds. I know some people have shoulder pain, but this has been no more an issue with me than with any other pack, I'm sure if overload it this would be a factor. Anyway, I prefer to have my hips free rather than constrained under a tight hip belt. Works for me, simple and sweet.

03-08-2005, 01:30
Let me add that the Breeze has a good sized external net pocket on the back of the pack that is perfect for your rain gear, tarp/tarptent, headlamp, etc., etc. And the side water bottle pockets are also good sized net pockets.

Tha Wookie recommended to me last year the use of an Avazote (sp?) foam sleeping pad which is a bit thinner than the 3/4 Ridgerest, but after switching sleeping bags this was not necessary so I have yet to make the change. If I were going out for a long hike I might give this some serious consideration to slightly increase interior volume, but really I think I'm fine with the Ridgerest because the WM bag packs down so small.

If you are not familiar with the Breeze or similar packs it might surprise you just how small the interior volume is... you need to really be ultra light in all aspects of your equipment, particularly the tent and sleeping bag to make it work.

03-08-2005, 11:19

I just got done trying on a few of your packs at Next Adventure. I liked the idea of the external pad pocket for hiking breaks, to be able to pull it out fast to sit on it. How accessible will this internal pocket be for the Comet, and can you give us ballpark of the price range or will it be comparable to the Starlite 05 in price? It said TBA for price.

Charlieblist, I'm still waiting on final manufacturing cost before listing the price. It should be less than the Starlite pack.

The Pad Pocket is harder to get to since it's inside of the pack so it won't be as convenient to get to the pad. However, itíll work much better for people who use inflatable pads or the thin reflective pads for hammock users.

The internal Pad Pocket allows us to use a more traditional harness system. This one is highly configurable and can fit a wide range of torsos. So there are always tradeoffs depending upon where you place the pad.


03-08-2005, 17:26
Wow, I'm glad I read this thread! I was seriously considering a Starlite for my fall hiking this year but this one looks even better.

Ron, how would you compare this to the Starlite aside from the internal-external pocket differences? For example, I'm wondering how the 70 Denier Silicone Nylon of the Comet will compare to the 210 Denier Dyneema of the Starlite and why you picked one over the other.

03-08-2005, 18:27

The Silicon Nylon is half the weight of the Dyneema so it won't be as strong. However most of the critical areas are also protected by the mesh pockets. This will help to reduce abrasion. This is also the same material as used in Granite Gear Vapor Trail line of packs and is twice the denier of the Golite Silicone Nylon packs or Gregory G Pack.

The harness and stays are based on traditional internal packs so its ride will be similar. I personally like it though I do miss the easy access to the Pad Pocket.

I will be introducing an optional Vest Harness for this pack by the end of summer. The Comet is naturally suited for the Vest Harness. I discontinued the vest on the Starlite because its attachment was too awkward.


03-08-2005, 18:36
A little update about the breeze. The pack is no longer going to be sold or made by Go-Lite. This is what one of their reps told me. I was looking for a size small, but no more would be made. Any how, if you decide the pack is for you, Ray Jardine is selling kits for this pack. It was designed by him. I do not believe the kit is available as of yet except in the form of testers. Ray is giving a $20 discount for those who decide to test this pack kit. You can go to his site to find out about it.
In fact I notice just now that the pack is now available.

03-08-2005, 19:04
What an idiot. Just hold your damn mouse over the photo and you'll see the back view.I was about to flame you royally for calling that other guy an idiot. Then I saw that you were that other guy... :eek:

03-08-2005, 20:07
Interesting that the breeze won't be made by Golite anymore. I wonder if they will market a similar pack or just go in a different direction altogether. I've really enjoyed mine.

03-08-2005, 20:17
I have one but admittedly haven't been able to backpack with it yet, but I've used it for a couple day hikes. I've loaded it up a couple times and haven't been particularly impressed with how it felt even with 20 lbs or less.

Most likely I need to switch to a lighter shelter, as I was using my 2 lb hammock and a winter bag.

I'd be willing to sell this if someone were interested and could make a decent offer. I think its a medium.

03-08-2005, 21:55
I was really disapointed that I could not get one. So, I bought the race. I like the pack, but want something lighter, and more specified for my hiking. I am going to start designing my own pack here very soon. I have to admit it will be like the Mariposa from Gossamer, but maybe more towards the styling of the uberlight. Kind of a mix between the 2. I suppose some would call that the G5, but...

03-08-2005, 22:23
The GoLite Dawn (a better designed pack than the breeze imo) is only $40 now at www.northernmountain.com (http://www.northernmountain.com) (GoLite's dumping ground).

Direct link...

I noticed Ray is charging $50 for the Breeze kit (plus ~$5 for shipping) plus an optional $23 DVD showing how to sew it. GoLite charges $70 for a complete pack.

I have a feelling that Ray will sell his wears to his followers, but he's a few years too late to make a big win with the UL masses. I also think it is funny he offers 2 "add-ons" to his "perfect" quilt.

03-09-2005, 11:48
Excellent. Now I've just got to decide which one.

Thanks Ron

03-21-2005, 15:51
Perfect AT thru-hike pack! I've hiked over 2,300 miles with my Breeze and it's still in great shape! (just a little dirty and sun-baked)
I've done day-hikes with some other light packs but keep comming back to my good ol' Breeze.;)

The Solemates
03-21-2005, 16:37
Im looking at the GG Virga, which is lighter than the breeze. and cheaper.

03-21-2005, 17:11
I sold my Breeze after a couple of multi-day hikes. I never could get used to the dead weight hanging from my shoulders and the extension collar had too much material in it.

I still like other Go-Lite packs for different uses. I now own a Dawn which I carry with me on trips to the Adirondacks, in addition to my main pack (G.G. Vapor Trail), for trips away from base camp and peak bagging.


03-21-2005, 19:03
Im looking at the GG Virga, which is lighter than the breeze. and cheaper.
I was thinking that the Breeze was more in the 12-14 ounce category. I know my GG Virga weighs 21.4 ounces.

Tim Rich
03-22-2005, 00:58
I just received a gear catalog from Sierra Trading Post and it has several Golite packs on sale:

Race Pack - S (2500 ci, 1 lb. 13 oz), M (2900, 1-14) (L 3300, 1-15) - $49.95
Each size Race Pack capacity - add another 400 ci fully expanded.

Dawn Daypack - M (2500 ci, 14 oz.), L (2700, 15) - $39.95

Ultralight Trek Pack - S (3450 ci, 1 lb, 15 oz.), M (3950, 2 lb.), L (4400, 2-1)
$69.95 - Each size add another 700 ci fully expanded.

They also have Marmot Precip pants Men's full zip for only $58 and women's ankle zip for $45.

Take Care,


The Solemates
03-22-2005, 17:26
WRONG on both counts.
The gg virga is $100, 1# 5oz
The golite breeze is $70, 13ish oz

Nice try, but no.

I guess I was getting it confused with another one of golites packs. Either way, Im not too fond of golites stuff. and the breeze is a little small for my tastes. and i like a small hipbelt. plenty of packs out there with a hipbelt in the 1lb range.

by the way, according to golite, the breeze is 15 oz (size L).

08-11-2005, 03:03
My hiking companion returned her Golite Breeze. Reasons:

1) Not enough padding in shoulder straps! A big problem with the Golite packs.
2) Didn't seem durable. Pack was starting to come apart at the seams after just a few weeks on the trail.
3) Didn't fit a woman as well as some packs.

She got a Mountainsmith Ghost and is much happier with it.

English Stu
11-24-2005, 15:19
The Breeze is great I have hiked in the AT and across the French Alps with it ,but I did add a waist belt mainly for safety reasons as I slipped twice on wet roots and had the problem of the pack going over my head. Above 20lb i.e with 5 days food the waist belt does help.

11-24-2005, 17:24
I love the "Breeze" To me it is the perfect pack. I'm on my 2nd one after 3 thru's using the Breeze. the 1st one delaminated after about 5,000 miles. I'm using it tonight. (carrying my laptop in it)

05-18-2014, 16:38
My Breeze (the revision with better shoulder padding) is starting to show signs of age; the end is near. Is there anything similar today? I can't go back to the old awkward waist belt idea, too spoiled after all this time. When I have to use a waist belted pack for winter I hate the restriction and effect on balance.

In my hands a sewing machine is a lethal weapon so I can't put together one of the Jardine kits for the current Breeze-like pack he sells.

Alternatively, does anybody offer the service of sewing one of those Jardine kits for a fee?


05-19-2014, 21:18
Gossamer Gear G4 (http://gossamergear.com/packs/g4-ultralight-backpack-all-bundle.html) is a ray-way clone with a removable hipbelt.