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03-08-2005, 18:45
Here is my gear list for my up and coming thru-hike. Feel free to coment.
I am starting around April 10th, hopefully. No later than the 15th.

Gregory Z-Pack
Equinox Sil-Nylon pack cover

Integral Designs Sil-Shelter
REI Minimalist bivy or Outdoor research bug bivy

North Face Cat's Meow 20* or Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32*
3/4 length Ridge Rest

Safety, Tools:
Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamp
Gerber Multi-Tool
150 feet nylon cord
First Aid- band-aids, duct tape, gauze, ibuprofen, etc.
Zip-Lock with my journal, maps, pens, compass, book, etc.
Bear bag for food, and zip locks

Brasslite Turbo 1
Snowpeak Trek 700 ti pot
ti spork
plastic soda bottle for fuel

Small packtowel
toothbrush, toothpaste
Dr. Bronners soap
tp in a zip lock bag

Clothing (packed and worn):
Nylon zip off hiking pants
nylon shorts for camp
2 polyester hiking t-shirts
2 pr. capilene boxers
4 pr. lightweight smartwool socks
midwt. capilene long underwear, top and bottom
exp. wt. capilene zip-t
Patagonia Rainshadow jacket
Marmot full zip Precip pants
Montrail trail runners
ankle gaiters
lightweight balaclava

Keep in mind, some of this gear I will send home once it starts getting warm, i.e the fleece, long underwear bottoms, rain pants, balaclava, etc.:clap

03-08-2005, 20:08
Jeremy, looks like a well thought out list. I only have a couple of suggestions

150 foot of nylon line - that's about 4 times what you need!! If you find a tree that high, I doubt you could get the line over the limb anyway.

4 pair of socks - I'd say you could drop at least one pair.

You don't say what your start date is. If you're starting in March or early April, I would say you need something a little warmer than an exp. wt. capilene zip-t for a warmth layer. That would work in warmer weather but you'll want something nice and toasty for those cold nights in the GA mountains.

You might also think about a long sleeve, coolmax type shirt. Nice for around camp and to hike in on those "cool" days.

Good job!!