View Full Version : Mountain Hardware 0 Degree Phantom sleeping bag

12-12-2011, 22:13
Hey guys I found out about one of my christmas presents which will be the Mountain Hardware 0 degree Phantom sleeping bag. I am just wondering what people think of this bag in general. I tried searching the forum and couldn't find anything about it.


Just a Hiker
12-12-2011, 22:40
My 0 degree bag is a Big Agnes Storm King, but my 20 degree bag is a Mountain Hardware and it's held up really well! Enjoy your new bag!

12-14-2011, 00:23
Have one. Just washed it, according to instructions on MH web site, and it now smells sweet, is really puffed up, and seems quite warm. I've had mine out to -5 degrees F with a silk liner and wearing long johns and was OK. If it's really cold you might want to double up on your pad. I use both a z-rest and my thermarest prolight 4.