View Full Version : Trail Days?

03-08-2005, 21:11
I am starting my thru between April 10th and the 15th. My 22nd birthday is May 12th, right when Trail Days is going to be in full swing. It would be nice to hike into the festival. If that does not happen I am going to have to find a ride, hitch, or whatever. I very badly want to make it to Trail Days for my b-day. Has anyone been on a thru and gotten a ride or hitched to trail days, and then gotten a ride back to where they left off on the trail? Hopefully I won't be too far from damascus around then. If anyone has experience and/or suggestions about this, please let me know. Where would be a good place to get a ride from? Is it too hard or dangerous to hitch long distances? I will hopefully be no mare than 150 miles from damscus around then. Anyways, any help or whatever is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!:o