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12-14-2011, 08:29
I'm considering going retro & trying to find a GoLite Utopia 2 freestanding tent. GL no longer offers this model, but I'm sure I'll find one somewhere. Does anyone have any personal experience with the Utopia who could share. I really like the weight/space ratio & ease of set up. Not sure about the floor set up, but I'm wiling to try. Thanks for any input.

12-14-2011, 16:23
There is one at BPL, Gear Swap, second page, $200

12-14-2011, 18:24
Franco: I'm checking BPL ( BackpackingLight), but only see the GoLite ShangraLa, nothing about the Utopia. Am I in the wrong place? thanks for your help.

12-14-2011, 19:59
I did say second page...
it is under Modified Golite Utopia 2 (it has some skirting added) by Adam Kramer
12/13/2011 10:43:44 MST

12-18-2011, 19:58
I've got one, the 2 person one, and I quite like it. I got a pretty good deal at steep and cheap a while ago. I bought it for my frequent 2 man outings to the Whites where a freestanding tent is nice due to the platforms at most of the higher camp areas.

It's super roomy for two people and gear, and the door at the foot (or head) is pretty nice. Of course there are lighter options, due mainly to the poles necessary for this thing, but splitting it up b/w two people, it works out good.

The floorless design is largely a non-issue, I often don't even bring a groundcloth of any kind, I just used my pack liner (compacter bag) under my feet, as they tend to wander while I'm sleeping. The ideal bug-proofing solution is adding a perimeter net like the one above.

It's kind of a unique tent, if you can find one cheap go for it, otherwise I think a pyramid style shelter is probably better.