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12-19-2011, 12:58
Going for a early March NOBO start, what are some good baselayer options? I was thinking stick with a mid weight merino wool.

Smooth & Wasabi
12-19-2011, 13:39
Depends what you are using them for and your personal pysiology. I use midweight wool bottoms as my camp/sleep insulation during shoulder seasons, including the conditions I personally experienced going north in early march 2002. When moving most of the time I don't use more than a lightweight baselayer tee and boxer briefs/shorts but I am a very warm blooded person and at this point my hiking clothing system includes a wind shirt and nylon pants or zip offs for the coldest(rainshell for precip) days. If i didn't take windlayers I might take midweight baselayers to augment shorts/briefs and baselayer tee while moving but would be annoyed about taking on and off the bottoms in variable conditions. Enjoy your hike.

12-19-2011, 13:58
I use the lightest merino wool I can get, usually the 150-wt Icebreaker. Mid-weight wool is too heavy for me, too warm, and soaks up too much sweat.

I carry a l/s and a s/s top, and boxer briefs and long john bottoms, and wear as needed based on the weather. I usually hike in the short stuff and sleep in the long.

12-29-2011, 09:22
Got all icebreaker merino, my plan for my layering is hike in the SS tee and boxers, mid layer in fleece, then either a golite post canyon soft shell or winshirt on top and my mountain Hardwear matahorn convertible pants on bottom. Sleep system will include LS shirt and long underwear, also have a Patagonia down sweater to throw into the mix for extra cold nights or lounging around. Rain gear will be marmot precip jacket and mountain Hardwear epic pants. Any insight on this system appreciated.

12-29-2011, 09:25
Sounds just about perfect.