View Full Version : New CDT film - OVEREXPOSED by Lynne Whelden

12-19-2011, 15:46
3 hours long and shot in HD - available at Campmor - http://www.campmor.com/outdoor/gear/CAMOmnifindQueryCmd?storeId=226&catalogId=40000000226&langId=-1&searchCategory=&ip_state=&ip_constrain=&ip_navtype=search&pageSize=24&currentPage=&ip_sortBy=&searchKeywords=overexposed

12-20-2011, 22:57
Great, now another DVD I'll likely have to buy to get my off season hiking fix. Actually I saw a short clip of it that had been put up online and it looks interesting. It's nice to see some more CDT documentaries out there since I think its the least understood trail of the big 3. I've been investing in every CDT DVD I can find since I have a secret campaign to sucker... I mean convince some hiking friends of the merit of hiking it with me in a few years. ;)

04-29-2012, 19:22
Thanks for the info, thetentman. I just ordered a copy. I'll come back and give comments after I view it. Thanks again.

Mrs Baggins
04-29-2012, 19:29
Lynn Weldon.....does he try to do it with "zero"? That was the oddest film I've ever watched about hiking.

05-07-2012, 10:12
I just finished the "Overexposed" dvd I purchased after hearing about it in this thread. Definitely worth the money! Very professionally done and the scenery is stunningly beautiful, wow!. A new approach-with this dvd by using a lot of captions instead of (in this case Whelden) talking. There is a sound track though and it is very, very nice. One sees Whelden's ups and downs and the viewer struggles along with him. On the other hand, there are many delightful "Ahhhhhhhs" also. Most of these dvds vamp into the person holding the camera up and talking and then its over, shot after shot. As I have stated this was a totally different approach and it is going to be my favorite in my collection. You do get to hear Whelden speak, and the times he does are meaningful and eye openers. Thanks, Lynne!