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12-19-2011, 21:33
if this is not the right place, moderators please move. I'm planning a SOBO E2E , my family is pondering meeting me in North Adams. Does anyone have any suggestions on a post hike family trip? We're thinking camping by a lake or the ocean. We usually head to NC but since we'll be that far north already, might as well try something new.


12-19-2011, 22:17
First choice would be the ocean because you live further from it so take advantage of the relative proximity. The most obvious choice is Cape Cod and possibly Martha's Vineyard and/or Nantucket. Beautiful areas but crowded in summer and rather expensive unless you do some planning now which is admittedly hard to do since you can't predict the exact date you'll stroll into N. Adams. Keep in mind the ocean is pretty cold in New England so swimming is iffy.

The other possibility is the Adirondacks which you can get to in less than 2 hours from N. Adams. Lots of lakes, trails, and state parks with campsites.

Mountain Mike
12-20-2011, 01:43
Historic but touristy Lake George is about 80 miles away. If waterside camping is what you want consider Barton's Cove on the Conneticut River. Under 50 miles just off Rt 2 from N Adams http://www.northquabbinwoods.org/entries/276

12-20-2011, 08:24
Lake George has islands where you can dock a boat and camp, or get dropped off, great swimming options, cool little islands. There is North/South Lake Campground in the Catskills which is one of my favorites, but will be crowded in summer, but have good, wooded sites within walking distance of the lake.

12-20-2011, 13:08
Camping oceanside is more relaxing in Maine than in Mass or Rhode Island (IMHO), but the swimming is for the thicker blooded. More lake options in Maine or possibly Adirondacks. Lake George is an excellent suggestion. It's got everything, but is very touristy and can be pricey.

Lake swimming in New England can be hit or miss on water temps. Some lakes you can swim all day by mid June, and others are still frigid in mid August.

12-20-2011, 13:15
Acadia: http://www.nps.gov/acad/index.htm

It's worth the trip north if you want a truly special time. The Maine coastline is gorgeous.

(Or you are welcome to camp in my back yard). :D

12-20-2011, 13:25
we were think Maine too. We went to Acadia after our Thru and loved it. May just have to head up that way again and see what happens. Is tent camping easy to come by in Maine? a lot of what is advertised as camping ends up being an RV lot. North Adams to Portland is just 4-5 hours?

12-20-2011, 13:31
I second Acadia NP. Long drive from North Adams, but well worth it.

12-20-2011, 14:29
I second Acadia NP. Long drive from North Adams, but well worth it.
Well it's not the drive from North Adams to Acadia that scares me...Bar Harbor to Wadsworth Ohio is 1000 miles door to door,pretty long drive with the family. I think we will head to Maine regardless.
Thanks guys

lemon b
12-20-2011, 15:45
Northampton, Ma. Place is a trip. Autum Inn on Elm Street and The Hotel Northampton on Main & King are both nice places to stay.

12-20-2011, 19:58
I second the Cape. It's gorgeous. Never been to the Vineyard, but Nantucket is also quite nice.

12-21-2011, 12:28
Re. Maine, I like Acadia a lot. In my mind, Acadia is the only part of the Maine coast that I'd describe as "gorgeous." The problem is getting there. I know you said the drive wasn't an issue for you coming from Ohio but be prepared for slow traffic and endless towns & traffic lights. As for the rest of the Maine coast south from Acadia, it's cluttered with development and the attendant summer congestion. Of course that's an issue with Cape Cod as well but at least the National Seashore there offers extensive beach devoid of the clutter.

Inland Maine might be nice for lakeside camping and hiking in the woods but you can get that in the Adirondacks so why spend your precious vacation time driving an extra day (or more round trip) to what's essentially the same type of surroundings?

12-21-2011, 13:38
Finger Lakes. At least headed in the "home" direction.