View Full Version : High Sierra Sentinal 65

12-24-2011, 23:55
Hi! Does anyone have any experience with this pack? From reading the reviews online it sounds like it's a pretty decent pack, but I have no experience with pack purchasing and I could really use some help. I found one on super sale and Dunhams and I really like what I saw but again, I don't really have an in depth understanding of what I should be looking for.

Any help/opinion/advice/suggestion/etc is greatly appreciated!

a link to the pack online:


12-25-2011, 06:46
This was my first pack! It was a great pack at a great price! In the end though, I decided to go with much lighter options from ULA!:)

12-25-2011, 18:32
Thanks! If it's still there when I go back, I think I'm going to go for it! I really appreciate the help.

12-27-2011, 11:16
I did it! I bought the pack and I was so geeked up last night I put my sleeping bag and any other hiking stuff I have laying around in it and then I sent pictures to most of my friends. Even the non-hiking ones. I have a feeling I'm going to annoy them before all of this is through :D