View Full Version : What to do about Grandparents???

12-27-2011, 15:08
My grandparents want to follow me along my 2012 thru hike but hno computer. I will be keeping a trailjournal as I go and my sister is going to print each weeks journal out for them to read but they also want some form as a map to see my progress. Does anyone know of a book or something I can print out for them to look at and see where I am at on the trail each day? I was thinking about printing out a ton of images from the interactive map on the ATC webpage but that will take a ton of paper and ink. Any suggestions???

Hikes in Rain
12-27-2011, 15:17
I think the ATC still has the four-foot strip map of the ATC. They might like that to chart progress. I use it myself to show my section hike progress.

12-27-2011, 15:20
Buy them one of the big AT wall maps and they can put push pins in it to mark your progress. I think they are available through ATC and also Amazon, maybe elsewhere as well. Send post cards from town stops too. Buy some .29 stamps in advance and keep them with you in case the PO is closed in town - just write the post card and drop it in a box.

12-27-2011, 15:20
You can get a big map of the trail from the ATC and send them postcards along the way.:-? Old folks like old school...;)

Mountain Mike
12-27-2011, 15:53
Poster & Big push pin is what my friends tracked me on pre-internet thru hike. My friends had it set up in a local pub & I would call in when ever I was near a phone (pre cell phones too). Funny part when taking a zero in Manchester Center another hiker & I went to pizza joint to play pool & have a few beers. While talking with a few locals one guy who was visiting a buddy turns to his friend & says "I've been following this A##hole's progress since he started!" Got us a ffew free rounds of beer.

Another option is buy some of the postcards from ATC with the map of trail on them & mark your location when you mail them.

12-27-2011, 16:55
The AT strip map is perfect for this. Check here to order (https://www.atctrailstore.org/catalog/iteminfo.cfm?itemid=198&compid=1).

Wise Old Owl
12-27-2011, 17:04
They still have postcards?

12-27-2011, 17:28
Check into TrailPhone.net (http:// TrailPhone.net). You enter you nearest "milepost" into TrailPhone when you call in and the system puts an icon near your position. I used TrailPhone for my 2010 section hike (http://trailphone.net/bighodag) and it worked great!

Your sister should be able to either print the maps or cut & paste them in a word processor with your TrailJournal entries.