View Full Version : 2nights 3days mount rogers and grayson highlands

12-27-2011, 20:51
looking at a three day trip for new years. i have hiked the AT thru this area but have no clue as to parking or trails to make a 2 night loop. looking for something in the 25 mile range. i am searching thru old trip reports but still would love some advice... thanks

12-28-2011, 00:18
Here is your best trail map, files.meetup.com/751131/Mount Rogers Map.jpg (Just highlight and paste this link). There are many options to do and two shelters you can use, Wise Shelter and Thomas Knob. You could most easily leave you car in the park at Massie Gap. It will require you to pay a bit. From there, there are many different routes for you to take. You can also think about being dropped off at Fox Creek and walking into the park if that is a option you can take.

It should be snowing up on the mountain right now. Probably had a fair bit of ice today. The rocks might be slick. Take some spikes.

12-28-2011, 21:39
thanks. helps alot looking forward to ringing in the new year on trail