View Full Version : National Geographic TOPO question

12-30-2011, 14:25
Hey everyone,
so I'm using national geographic's topo software for California and I want to print the maps that I've made. My question is, when you click "print or export" and the red square with the X comes up, how do you know how much will reasonably fit on 8x11 paper? I've tried it out and it looks like you can drag the red square as far as you want, and then I guess it makes that fit onto one sheet of paper, even if it's a ridiculous amount of terrain. In other words, it looks to me like no matter how large you make the export area, it confines that to one piece of paper.

Do you just guesstimate or is there something (probably obvious) that I'm missing? My concern is that If I make the export area too large, when I print the quality will be diminished, and I honestly don't know how to tell that the export area is a decently optimized size.

Thanks for any advice!