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12-30-2011, 20:47
I am hoping someone can help a couple of old section-hikers. (I mean old chronologically.)

We would like to hike a section of the trail in Virginia, sometime in the spring. We were originally going to go from Wayneboro to Front Royal or Big Meadows to Harpers Ferry. But our time got cut a bit.

So, does anyone have a suggestion for a 40-50 miles hike in the area I mentioned above? My brother would like some decent scenery please.

Also, he is concerned about getting in the way of Thru-Hikers. We are talking March or April, probably over a weekend. Any suggestions.


12-30-2011, 21:51
The obvious answer is a shorter span of SNP. Big Meadows is roughly in the middle so you could hike from either end i.e. Front Royal or Waynesboro to Big Meadows (or vice versa). If for some reason you'd rather save SNP to hike in one trip, then it's roughly 50 miles from Rt. 522 to Harpers Ferry or hike Maryland (41 miles to PenMar) plus another 18 to Rt. 30/Caledonia in PA.

You'd see hardly any thruhikers in March and only a few in April in SNP. I recommend April - leaves are still off the trees (affording nice views) and you'd catch some early wildflowers e.g. bloodroot.

12-30-2011, 22:10
catawba at dragons tooth off rt.311 or trout creek parking which is just down the road and down another small road but is kinda harder to find but either two and hike to daleville youll love it ill put money on it..

12-30-2011, 22:12
you will be ahead of the thru hikers doing the catawba to daleville hike in march or early april you could see just a few by mid april around here but not many.

Papa D
12-30-2011, 22:15
You'd be way out in front of all but the earliest and fastest NOBO hikers in April -- how about starting at Blackburn Trail Center - nice hostel and hiking to Front Royal US522 or the reverse - they would probably shuttle you - that would be about 40 miles in SNP and you would get to do the notorious "roller coaster" which you could brag about (but it's not that hard at all, really) -- not sure about April, but you might see a bear in there (I have) - have fun.

Del Q
12-31-2011, 11:05
Daleville South is tough to beat, nice hike out of Daleville, good views, then a really nice walk through the woods with view of a lake, then up to Tinker Cliffs which to me were simply amazing!!

McAfee's knob, down to The Homeplace to Eat in Catawba, maybe take in the Dragon's tooth as well.................pretty killer section for sure!

01-01-2012, 22:32
No thru hikers in Shenandoah NP then, and April is a good time to go there with the winter views still available.