View Full Version : What about this time line?

Lemni Skate
01-03-2012, 15:56
My two kids and I have always thought we'd thru-hike together. My wife would not thru hike, but she'd probably provide some sporadic support for us when we do this. Anyway, we noticed something about our birthdays and I thought it would be pretty cool to pull this off:

March 21: My birthday--a good day to start at Springer
June 27: My daughter's birthday--wouldn't it be neat to celebrate halfway in Harper's Ferry
Sept. 24: My son's birthday--seems like a good day to summit Kahtadin

01-03-2012, 16:04
Seems about right.

01-03-2012, 17:11
Sounds like a good plan. All you have to do is maintain a 13-14 daily average and don't take too many "O" days. Happy trails on your adventure.

01-03-2012, 17:24
That sounds like a great idea! Plenty of time to hit Harper's Ferry so you can start off at a nice easy pace and slowly kick it up. Plus you get to hike with your kids, that'll be an awesome experience for all!

01-03-2012, 17:32
I hope we have good weather. I also plan to summit on my birthday 9-24-12. We should have a big party!