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01-03-2012, 20:08
My trail running is starting to reach the distance where I want to be taking some hydration with me. What do y'all like? I'm leaning towards a pack as I'm not a big fan of the bottle belts.

01-03-2012, 20:20
If trail running with a small pack, I like a small bottle on each side, but sometimes I will put them right inside the pack if it makes things more compact. I don't mind stopping for a drink. Sometimes, instead of water I bring two large oranges. On a hot day I will bring water also, and take a route where I can resupply. Still, not a big fan of hydration bags and tubes, or more than two bottles.

01-03-2012, 21:09
I carry a small (1/2 litre) bottle in my hand.
I tend to fill it up from seeps on a longer run.
I don't like stuff hanging from my belt. And never liked those hydration pack things.

01-05-2012, 23:11
one or two handhelds is preferred by me if the route is short enough or resupply is possible.
you can rig some rubber bands on about any water bottle to save money.
pack is sometimes the best route, alot of people like the vest -it looks good to me 'spensive though.
I've used a lumbar pack with success, better than other belt types in my op.
I got a little terranova pack (10L i think) that you can do about 2-3 overnights in warm weather and is still fairly run-able.

map man
01-06-2012, 23:41
I use a Fuel Belt any time I run over 1.5 hours and water won't be handy along the way. I think belts carry the water weight pretty well. In recent years I notice a lot of endurance runners looking down their noses at Fuel Belts and using hand-helds instead. Hand-helds make my arms sore.

01-17-2012, 23:10
i use two handhelds by Amphipod. about 16oz each and they have pockets on the back of the hands for small storage (food, key, h2o treatment etc) if you want to go the pack route check out Nathan. they make packs specifically for long distance running, no sloshiing around on the back etc.


01-31-2012, 20:29

I like the 70oz CamelBak. I have an older version, but here is the 2011 model:

I (http://www.camelbak.com/Sports-Recreation/Packs/2011-Classic.aspx) like it because I can cinch it down and it doesn't move/flop. Mine only has a little zipper pocket that can carry an ID/credit card/chap stick. If I put a small phone in it, I would want to safety pin my zipper pouch so it doesn't come open while running (I've had a phone drop out of the zipper pouch on the Camel while running -- fortunately I backtracked and found it). As I drink the water, I just tighten the straps a little more so the CamelBak stays put.

I don't like the waist belts because I have a very short torso, so the belt would rub my ribs too much. Although, I recommend the Nathan brand trail belts if you find that they are comfortable. I don't run/hike without water. I also live in the desert, so the mantra is to never be without water. I have found runners that are hydration freaks and also those that are dehydration freaks.


04-15-2012, 12:15
I also like the handheld ones, they strap to your hand and have a pocket for keys, gu, etc. Nathan makes a nice one.

04-30-2012, 20:50
I use a smaller Nathan bottle with a sleeve that has a few different pockets for multiple gels, a key, etc for runs up to about 10 miles. If I need more water I'll use a larger Amphipod handheld. I messed with way too many different types of packs before realizing that carrying a bottle really doesn't bother me.