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01-07-2012, 21:10
After a some unforeseen circumstances that made me cancel my hike last spring I can say with certainty that I will be leaving for my nine day section hike April 15 starting at the approach trail. My problem is that I am not sure what clothes to take. I have available to take:Cap1 ss teeCap1 ls teeCap2 ss teeCap3 ls teeCap2 long johnsCap3 long johnsNanopuff pulloverHoudini windshirt (my favorite piece of gear)R3 fleece2 pairs exofficio boxer briefs3 pairs rei merino socksColumbia hiking pantsSea to summit ultra sil poncho tarp (obviously taking)What of this stuff should I take, what do I still need, and reasons why would be great. I know what I would take for Ohio weather but I am not sure what to expect in Georgia that time of year.

01-07-2012, 21:16
Wow that didn't come out the way I had it typed!!

01-07-2012, 21:37
I choose layers that fit comfortably and cover my body evenly, if I ever have to wear it all at once, for the coldest conditions I might encounter, i.e. historical low for that month and route. I make sure it all adds up to about 1 oz for every degF below about 85F. Doesn't include shoes or shells. Does include socks, mitts, hats, and neck tubes. So for 20F, about 4 pounds. Since you need to be prepared for temperatures that, statistically, probably won't happen, some of those clothes can be dedicated to sleep wear, but it should still be possible to wear them with everything else. Socks can be used as mitts. Good way to dry them. Try to have room for 2 pairs of socks, if neccessary, with one pair thinner and one pair looser. No skin layers, or socks, should be too tight. They should just cling. The other layers should be looser, so they can puff up a little, especially when you add a wind or rain shell with elastic cuffs.

Light wind shells, or rain shells, are also great for stuffing with cat-tails or other duff or shredded garbage in an emergency. Something to think about. You want to be flexible for most conditions, but you should be able to wear it all at once, even though you probabably wont. That way you are guaranteed that everything else will work in many different variations of layering and delayering.

Papa D
01-07-2012, 22:34
Huh? take shoes, smart wool socks, shorts, insulating layer (fleece / wool) rain gear, stocking cap, and (if it's cold) a down jacket for camp along with sleeping clothes (reg. mi-weight long johns) and crocs