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01-10-2012, 20:44
I currently own you Wasatch GTX backpacking boots. .
the issue i am currently have with these boots with ALL the miles i have on (150 or more) them they are still giving me hotspots and blisters. I have a little wider foot i think plus i wanta leave room for socks and swelling from walking so i ordered a "wide" size. They are still giving me hotspots on all my hikes and trips. Eventually, i took out the insoles and put in "Superfeet" insoles because i hear great things about those and i still get these blisters and hotspots on pretty much every trip. For the most part i see most of my hotspots after about 6-7 miles when i am hiking. Sometimes i dont get any but that is on smaller day hikes. They seem to get real bad after about 9 miles when i have my backpack fully loaded at 40lbs. It makes it very hard for me to go for more then 2 day trips because my feet get so tore up. Not only have i put new soles in my boots. i have also tried several different socks with these shoes, body glide sticks and even moleskins.On my last trip over the weekend, i got a hotspot so the next day i covered it up with a moleskin and by the end of my 10 mile hike with a 40lb pack i still got a blister where the hotspot was even with the Moleskin on.
I am not sure what is causing the issues. I dont know if my feet are not getting enough ventilation or weather even tho i ordered a "wide" it still is not wide enough for my foot? Most of my hot spots or blister are on the top of my toe OR on the bottom sides of my feet.
I did get them from REI so i can return them i guess but i seem to have had issues with blister or hotspots on most boots.
I am looking for a new boot but its so many to choose from.....UGH

01-10-2012, 21:04
Where on the side of your feet?

Blisters on the top of your toes indicates that you don't have enough volume in your boots. The Superfeet green insoles are a medium volume insole. I believe the black is thinner, and will give you greater volume. Even so, an insole shouldn't make that much difference. Your boots are too small. In the meantime, you could try thinner socks. I hike in two pairs of liner socks because it increases shoe volume and keeps my feet cool.

mountain squid
01-10-2012, 21:10
Consider trail runners instead of boots. Consider lightening your load to about 30#s or less - for a two day hike I can't imagine what you are carrying to get you to 40#s. Consider shorter mileage days until your feet have toughened - which will not likely happen on a two day hike. Consider airing your feet out more often and not only when you have a hot spot - take a break ever hour and remove your shoes and socks for a few minutes.

I'm not a boot expert but it might be possible that they are too wide, allowing your feet to move about too much thereby causing friction and thereby a blister. Carry a needle in case you do get a blister. Don't pop it, drain it.

Just some thoughts . . .

See you on the trail,
mt squid

01-10-2012, 21:14
I have work boots that are truly too wide, but I don't get those blisters with them. Fortunately those boots are just for trail work, and I haven't had to walk more than 14 miles in a day with them.

Papa D
01-10-2012, 21:22
do you want to know what is conventionally taught:

do not pop - surround with mole-skin doughnut, cover with light dressing - if it does pop, treat as open wound

now, here is what actually works;

wipe needle (or lancet) with alcohol or iodine solution and puncture
tape down tight with duct tape
pull off at night to dry out
let callous over - might take 100 miles

I'm NOT a moleskin fan - learned to use the stuff - always thought it was bunk

Camping Dave
01-10-2012, 22:15
Superfeet suck. My opinion. Used them. Hated them. Sounds like they suck for you too.

Have you tried taking the insoles out? That increases the interior volume of your shoe/boot more than you might imagine.

I hike/run with no insoles, always use one and only one pair of socks, and file down my calluses regularly. Haven't had a blister in 2 years of running/hiking. That's 4 marathons, one ultra, and more than 1500 miles on and off the trail